Sunday, August 23, 2015

Great news everyone!

Hi everyone!

I got some great news this week! :D

If you want to skip the story, scroll straight to "FIN".

Story Time!

I saw a post on Reddit's /r/unity3d  asking if anyone was interested in writing quality Unity tutorials for
Of course I send a PM right away!

After talking a bit, I got sent a tryout, which was a test of my editing skills.
I tried my best at it, it's been a long time since I wrote a tutorial but reading countless tutorials on Unity over the past years did wonders.

After a few intense evenings of reading ,editing and checking everything countless times, I send an e-mail with the solution back to the team leader.
I was quite nervous for the result, I thought I wouldn't get an answer for at least a week.

Against all my expectations, that same evening my phone furiously vibrates to notify me of a new e-mail, an e-mail from the team leader!
With sweaty palms I open the e-mail and quickly skim through it to find the words "We're sorry..." or "Unfortunately... ".
I couldn't find them!

Midway in the mail I see the epic words "Congratulations, welcome to the team!".

Excited as a puppy that feels the fresh grass under his paws, I jump in the air and shout "Fuck yeah! I did it!".

I plop down in my seat and let it all sink in with a wide grin on my face.
Finally the time has come for me to have a chance to devote myself doing what I love most.


So now I'm the newest unity team member at! :D
We're starting to get a great team together, so look forward to some awesome Unity tutorials!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Experimenting with a low poly isometric style

Hi everyone!

I've just finished another Mobile Mini recently, and I think it's time for something new!

This time, I've been practicing some modelling in Blender, specifically in an isometric perspective with low poly models.
Below are a few examples of what I've been doing:

Simple isometric concept

Forest concept

Puzzle WIP concept

This style gives me a super-gamey feeling and it reminds of games like Disgaea and  Baldur's Gate.
I've been thinking of what do with it, there are some genres of games that crossed my mind, like strategy, RPG and puzzle.

I'll do some more research and experimenting and we'll see where it goes.


Saturday, February 28, 2015

SVG To PNG Unity Plugin

Hi everyone!

Time for something a little different this time.
I've created a small editor script for Unity that has tremendously improved my 2D workflow!

As I use a lot of Inkscape to make graphics for my games, it tends to get a bit annoying when I have to export to PNG manually every time I want to test a change I've made.  
SVG files also can't be imported into Unity like raster formats like PNG and JPG.  
So I did some research and made an editor script that handles the import of SVG files by making a PNG copy automatically.
The plugin is super handy, especially if you're constantly switching between Inkscape and Unity like me.

Here's the basic workflow:

Download it here!

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!