Monday, April 1, 2013

Fast RPG Update 7

GUI improvement


26/03/13 part2:
- Exit confirmation window
- Quest window selection highlighting
- Inventory selection highlighting
- Equipment highlighting
- Action bar loading/saving
- Action bar highlighting
- Quest completion shows texture
- Redesigned quest description window

- Avoiding clicking through some GUI elements down to a button below (caused random behaviour) (20%)
- Converted some GUI textures to PSD format for easier editing
- Improved UI

- Sliding notifications for quest progress & completion
- Clicking sliding notification hides it
- Icon in sliding notification
- Sliding notification when item is added to stash
- Sliding notification when not enough gold in shop
- Made gold icon
- Working on combined menu

- Bug fixed: get 3 bones quest
- Made gather quests easier to make
- Made kill quests easier to make
- Quests that are complete can cause other quests to become available
- Dynamic creation of quests added
- Improved quest loading after save, supports dynamic quests now
- Fixed bug: Can't drag from inventory to equipment when equipment slot in use
- Fixed bug: Stash behind equipment part of menu
- Fixed bug: The begin quests keep being added when loading the quests, clear the list in the questmanager if not a new game
- Improved menu
- Added red slime


The last few days I've been working mainly on the GUI, as it was lacking contrast and it just felt bad overall.
There was no indication if you hovered over a control with the mouse or pressed a button.
So I began searching how other mobile RPGs and RPGs in general did it.

I found out lots of games add a subtle black transparent outline/shadow to their windows and most have both black in white in the border for it to stand out.
So I've tried to add both to my own windows.

The result is decent, although I'll need to make some different sized versions of it once I'm satisfied with the layout of the menu.
The menu is still in progress but I'm planning of combining all seperate windows into one screen filling menu with buttons to switch what to view. The character window in the previous screenshot still needs to be integrated.

Selection highlighting
Improving the GUI is great, but some more interactivity was a must, so I've made sure it's clear now what you're selecting and pressing. Hard to put into a screenshot but here's one anyway:

The selection also works quite nicely inside the inventory.

The appearance of the quests has also been updated, both the quest description and the icon for completing a quest:

Sliding notifications
Another new feature are sliding notifications, the will inform the player without interrupting gameplay.
I'm using them for informing when you don't have enough gold, when you find an item and when a quest is updated and/or completed.
It slides into the screen from the top and displays a message and an optional icon. Multiple of these can also stack under each other. When it's in the way, you can press it and it will move away in an instant, otherwise it will move away after about 2 seconds.

Improved quest system
I've modified the quest system in a few ways, making it easier to make new quests, both pre-made and dynamic creation while in the game.
I have 2 base quest classes for now, one for gather quests and one for kill quests.
Any new quest can derive from these and just needs to set a few parameters to get it going.
The 3 marked quests in the screenshot were made by the game while playing, I plan on using this system for procedural quests, randomly created by the game.

Quests can also activate other quests when completed and turned in, so entire chains of quests are possible.

Gold icon
Finally made an icon to represent the gold in the game!

Red Slime
The red slime was sighted wandering inside the Noob Dungeon, attacking unknowing adventurers!
It rarely shows itself, but it's quite a strong monster.
Because of this slime, the travelling merchants haven't been able to do proper business anymore.
Might be a good idea to get rid of it!


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