Friday, March 22, 2013

Fast RPG Update 5


- Added drag 'n drop from inventory to link bar
- Added background music
- Bug fixed: item shop floor acted as return button
- Updated vendors in town
- Bug fixed: between battles, turn bar can be seen too soon

- Added drag 'n drop for switching positions in link bar and adding back to inventory

This time I've worked mainly on the action (link) bar on the bottom of the screen.    

It's pretty hard to show the changes in screenshots, but dragging and dropping now also works wonderfully with the action bar. Usable items can be dragged in and out, and can be moved to another slot.  

Some vendors in town have gotten a small visual update, definitely not the final version, but at least they're looking a bit more unique:
Item shop

I'll be posting to Screenshot Saturday on Reddit this night, I always seem to be late because of the time difference, but this time I'll be prepared! :D

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