Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fast RPG Update 4


18/03/13 part 2:
- Treasure chests: supports multiple items in one chest now, but animations shows only first one
- Added map background and hiding/showing GUI on map show/leave
- Added Drop/Destroy button for items in inventory
- New question window, for Yes/No questions
- Added question window before destroying item
- Added icon & name to destroy question

- Changed map background
- Added WIP town icon on map
- Drag n Drop from equipment to inventory drops equipment item at right place now
- Added some equipment

I wanted the world map to look a little better so I made one to use for now:
The world map
World map ingame
It's still a work in progress, but at least it adds a bit to the mood I think.

The items in your inventory can now be discarded by pressing the new trash can icon:
Discard button
When pressed, it opens up this new question window:

Question window

I've made it so it can be used for all yes/no questions I might need in the future.
In this case I thought it was necessary because I don't want players to destroy their hard-earned items by mistake.

Finally, I've added some new items:
Gold armor

Lava armor

Pointed Helm
Small mana potion
Weak mana potion

Wooden shield 1

Wooden shield 2

Wooden shield 3

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