Monday, March 18, 2013

Fast RPG Update 3


- Bug fixed: Map -> battle loads battle room too early and it gets destroyed at scene loading time
- Added treasure room
- Added clickable treasure chest for treasure rooms, click on chest to open it

- Items can be unsellable (for future use)
- Start in town, redesigned battle system
- Bug fixed: - Putting item in inventory from stash doesn't update quests
- Bug fixed: moving item to equipment or stash didn't update quest progress
- Bug fixed: Return to town button above character window in pub
- Bug fixed: backgrounds of bars gone

Explanation :
Lots of bug fixes this time, but some very important ones, because the quests wouldn't get updated when you got an item out of your stash or put it in an equipment slot.

The treasure chest room addition is the first step towards my vision of adventuring in this game.
Treasure room in dungeon

Opened chest
There's a chance of random events when adventuring, and this is the first one, a room containing a treasure chest you can loot by clicking on it. I still have to write a manager for getting random items depending on the room level but it at least it works for now, which I'm quite happy with.
Future rooms will contain other events like a wandering shop that sells rare items.

The best change in this update is that you now start inside the town when the game begins.
This meant my battle system had to be modified because it had a lot of code to start the battle right away which ment a lot of double code. That now has been taken care of.

The backgrounds of the bars are gone in the screenshots, but I've fixed that while writing this.

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