Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fast RPG Update 2


- Topbar: enemy lv text and name now also infront
- Drag n drop also working from equipment to inventory now
- Animated windows
- bug fixed: new equipment drag code broke the unequip button and selection
- Started Map

- Bug fixed: ring drag 'n drop duplicating item
- Notification animation update
- Animated torch added
- Room loading in battles
- Added notification stacking, new notifications will move over old one
- Changed some town room buttons, the text was readable through some windows even while the button is the background
- Improved fader
- Added notification window if you don't have enough gold in inn, previously player would shout it


This update was mostly visual, but I added drag 'n drop from equipment to inventory now as well.  Some weird bug that would allow duplication of rings creeped in, which my girlfriend found and abused immediately of course! So I had to dive in again and make some changes to my equipment code.

I'm really happy already how the window opening animations make everything feel a little better already (you can watch the animations in action in the teaser in my last post).
It might seem like a minor detail, but it really does a lot in terms of game feel. 

I also made a rough torch in Graphicsgale and I added a frame to it so it's slightly animated:

The torch might not look great, but I'm using it to build some variations of dungeons so I can see when my battle room manager has loaded a new room at the start of a new battle.:

Dungeon variation 1

Dungeon variation 2

Lastly, I've modified the way notification windows pop up on the screen if there's already one present. They now stack over each other so the text doesn't become an awful mess anymore:

4 stacked notification windows


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