Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Already updated the code!
The player can now select a unit by clicking on it and switch the unit type to deploy with the right mouse click (this is a temporary solution).
Clicking on an empty space will add a unit of the selected type.

The player now gets gold by killing enemies, although its useless for now, so I have to make a simple unit buy system.

The enemies are currently just spawning every 500ms infinitely now, but I'd like to have waves of enemies instead.
So this updates the list as following:

Things left to do:
  • Gold system (still need to have simple unit buy system)
  • More units
  • Upgrade system
  • Leveling
  • Unit selection
  • GUI system (for adding more labels, images and buttons)
  • Animation
  • Sounds & music
  • More enemies
  • Wave system
  • Better sprites
  • Tiles for a better map
  • More maps
  • Unit system
  • Screen system
  • Tile system
  • Enemy system
Red = next goal


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