Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The tower defense game & C#

It seems I'm finally able to think efficiently in C# again and it really starts to show in the tower defense game I'm making:

Let me explain what exactly you're looking at here:
This is a grid based map based on the Tiled engine and a TileManager class I wrote.
Inside of it is the road which is also the path enemies walk.
Around it are units in either blue or normal colors, blue indicates that an enemy is in range and that the unit is loading an attack while the normal colors indicate an idle state.
They also turn red quickly when they do an attack but that's not visible on this screenshot.

I have 2 units up to now:
The warrior, which has a short range but attacks quickly and with high damage and the mage, which shoots fireballs from a long range, but isn't as quick and powerful as the warrior.

There's a little label saying "Gold: 0" because I'm going to implement a gold system which can be used for buying/leveling units and buying upgrades.

I've found a C# eBook on my hard drive I forgot about yesterday and it has helped me already on getting some better knowledge and insight. Really cool programming language!

I'm probably going to end every post with a handy checklist from now on to have a better overview on what I need to work on next:

Things left to do:
  • Gold system
  • More units
  • Upgrade system
  • Levelling
  • Unit selection
  • GUI system (for adding more labels, images and buttons)
  • Animation
  • More enemies
  • Better sprites
  • Tiles for a better map
  • More maps
  • Unit system
  • Screen system
  • Tile system
  • Enemy system
Red = next goal
Strikethrough = finished

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