Thursday, September 8, 2011

Small Updates

Ballz title screen
I've worked a bit on Ballz, I added a title screen and a game over screen and got rid of some bugs.
The spawn rate of birds is higher now and for every level up you get an extra ball (might make this every 2 levels or add this as a perk in the near future).
I've cleaned the code up a fair bit too because I rediscovered the GameComponent class (this blog helped me understanding it much better than the e-book I read), so every state in the game has a different component assigned to it that only activated when needed. (Title screen, in-game and game over)

I've also added a little indication in the RPG as to what tile is activated when you press the action button.

My "RPG"
I'd like to finish up the Ballz game now and start another project to work on and gain some more experience.

Maybe I should think about creating something a little more advanced, but not as complicated as an RPG for now, I got a feeling that if I now blindly start coding up the core of the RPG, I might have to rewrite most of it later on because I'm still not familiar enough with the XNA framework and maybe even C#.

The learning process is going well, but as with all things, I guess it needs time.

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