Monday, September 5, 2011

First Post!

Welcome wanderer,

I'll introduce myself:
I'm a 22-year old belgian hobby programmer and gamer with only basic programming skills.
There are a few apps I've made, but those were very simple and were made some years ago.

Hungry for more, I've started developing again last year on Android.
The learning went.. okay, but I still didn't really have a clue about the finer aspects of Java and the Android SDK.
Recently I gave it up because I wanted to make a game, and that just wasn't possible with my low knowledge of the framework.

Alpha of Ballz
So I went back to my old friend C#, who I was familiar with because I had written some programs before with it, and I always thought Visual Studio was the best IDE for me personally.
Using C# together with power of DirectX using the XNA framework is really enjoyable.

I'm still struggling though, but this time I feel I can make it and create some cool applications and games in C#!
Currently I'm working on creating a simple BreakOut style game to get more familiar with XNA and game programming in general and also a small RPG but that's in a really early stage.

Here's an early screenshot from the BreakOut style game named "Ballz" for now:

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