Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ballz Update

I'm getting faster and better at writing code it seems.
I've added the following today:

  • spawning birds
  • level and experience system (that doesn't do anything yet)
  • improved collision of ball and paddle a bit
  • modified my sprite class so I can choose what frames exactly I want to use from a spritesheet to show an animation
  • added death "animation" and sound for the birds
  • bouncing sound changed, it was way too annoying and distracting
  • added bounce sound to paddle/ball collision (before only the wall bounce would make a sound)
  • added a small class for showing floating text (e.g. "EXP + XXX")
On the right you can see the result.
It's not much, but I'm glad this first project is coming along nicely.

I'll try to include a video next time, so the changes are more clear.

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