Sunday, August 23, 2015

Great news everyone!

Hi everyone!

I got some great news this week! :D

If you want to skip the story, scroll straight to "FIN".

Story Time!

I saw a post on Reddit's /r/unity3d  asking if anyone was interested in writing quality Unity tutorials for
Of course I send a PM right away!

After talking a bit, I got sent a tryout, which was a test of my editing skills.
I tried my best at it, it's been a long time since I wrote a tutorial but reading countless tutorials on Unity over the past years did wonders.

After a few intense evenings of reading ,editing and checking everything countless times, I send an e-mail with the solution back to the team leader.
I was quite nervous for the result, I thought I wouldn't get an answer for at least a week.

Against all my expectations, that same evening my phone furiously vibrates to notify me of a new e-mail, an e-mail from the team leader!
With sweaty palms I open the e-mail and quickly skim through it to find the words "We're sorry..." or "Unfortunately... ".
I couldn't find them!

Midway in the mail I see the epic words "Congratulations, welcome to the team!".

Excited as a puppy that feels the fresh grass under his paws, I jump in the air and shout "Fuck yeah! I did it!".

I plop down in my seat and let it all sink in with a wide grin on my face.
Finally the time has come for me to have a chance to devote myself doing what I love most.


So now I'm the newest unity team member at! :D
We're starting to get a great team together, so look forward to some awesome Unity tutorials!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Experimenting with a low poly isometric style

Hi everyone!

I've just finished another Mobile Mini recently, and I think it's time for something new!

This time, I've been practicing some modelling in Blender, specifically in an isometric perspective with low poly models.
Below are a few examples of what I've been doing:

Simple isometric concept

Forest concept

Puzzle WIP concept

This style gives me a super-gamey feeling and it reminds of games like Disgaea and  Baldur's Gate.
I've been thinking of what do with it, there are some genres of games that crossed my mind, like strategy, RPG and puzzle.

I'll do some more research and experimenting and we'll see where it goes.


Saturday, February 28, 2015

SVG To PNG Unity Plugin

Hi everyone!

Time for something a little different this time.
I've created a small editor script for Unity that has tremendously improved my 2D workflow!

As I use a lot of Inkscape to make graphics for my games, it tends to get a bit annoying when I have to export to PNG manually every time I want to test a change I've made.  
SVG files also can't be imported into Unity like raster formats like PNG and JPG.  
So I did some research and made an editor script that handles the import of SVG files by making a PNG copy automatically.
The plugin is super handy, especially if you're constantly switching between Inkscape and Unity like me.

Here's the basic workflow:

Download it here!

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Unfinished projects & prototypes PART 2

Hello everyone!

It's been some time but I'm back again with some more projects & prototypes that never got finished!
If any of you are interested to know more about a particular project, feel free to ask!

For your viewing pleasure, the gifs have been converted to web video.

2 Player Action RPG [UNFINISHED]

What is it?
A very small 2 player "action rpg" where you could both use a controller to move around in a 3D dungeon and defeat monsters.

What was the goal?
Creating an action RPG for 2 players with quests and loot.

Why isn't it a finished game?
This was one of my earlier projects and I was being overambitious with this one (wouldn't be the first time :p ), so the scope got huge and it blew up.
It was really buggy but at least it was fun making simple cube enemies like wolves, witches and zombies.

Any interesting facts about this game?
This was the frst game where I got a split screen going on.

Turntable [UNFINISHED]

What is it?
An interactive turntable that displays a sword I made.

What was the goal?
An interactive turntable that could show off lots of my models.

Why isn't it a finished game?
I worked on this for about 2 hours and I got tired of it.
There are better alternatives to do this.

Any interesting facts about this game?
I got nothing.

Fashion Museum (MOMU) Walkthrough [UNFINISHED]

What is it?
A walkthrough through a partial 3D model I made of the fashion museum in Antwerp.

What was the goal?
I wanted to virtually recreate the museum so I could walk around in it and have some gameplay inside.

Why isn't it a finished game?
There wasn't enough interest and the environment isn't appropriate for any of my other projects.

Any interesting facts about this game?
The lightmapping was a PITA, it took quite some time to bake the lightning and I just couldn't get it right.

Virtual Museum [UNFINISHED]

What is it?
A few models thrown around in a small room.

What was the goal?
Like with the turntable, I wanted a way to show off my future 3D models.
I thought a virtual museum might be fun.

Why isn't it a finished game?
Just walking around and looking at objects is kind of boring (big surprise, right?) and I felt like I was just wasting my time with it.

Any interesting facts about this game?


What is it?
A very small prototype to try out how a game like Hearthstone would work out.

What was the goal?
Making 3D cards that could be dynamic and rotated any way.

Why isn't it a finished game?
The cards couldn't be rotated around, this would cause the front of the card to be visible through the back.
I didn't have a decent card game to make either.

Any interesting facts about this game?
The character on the cards is Luffy from the famous anime One Piece.

Project First Person Quest [UNFINISHED]

What is it?
A tour inside a castle with a gloomy atmosphere, nothing to do though besides walking, looking around and swinging the sword.

What was the goal?
I'm not sure, I wanted to make something with the same feel as King's Field , a dark and depressing atmosphere.

Why isn't it a finished game?
I didn't have a clear goal so I wasn't sure what to next and I got demotivated as a result.

Any interesting facts about this game?
The inspiration for this game was probably Dark Souls 2, because I was playing that intensively at the time.

There you go!
Another batch of doomed projects and chances to learn!

As always, thanks for reading!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Unfinished projects & prototypes PART 1

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk about my unfinished game stuff, I thought that might be interesting.
I've made some GIFs to show the state the games are in, and I'll try to give a bit of information about each game.

This post is huge so I'm going to post in in parts over the following days.

Project Two Player (Arrow Shooters) [UNFINISHED]

Two Player gameplay

What is it?
This is a fully functional two player arena-style game with some original monsters and animations.
At the end of the first floor, a giant boss comes in, shaking the screen with its roar.
This starts a boss battle where the boss starts dropping meteors on the players until he accidentally drops one on his own head, allowing the players to hurt it.

There's only 1 floor and 1 boss in it, the game gives a score after the boss was killed.

The boss introduces himself

What was the goal?
I wanted there to be 10 floor towers, ending with an evil wizard.

Why isn't it a finished game?
I underestimated  the work on all the animations and models, that's why the players are just simple colored capsules and the floor and walls look ugly.

Anything interesting facts about this game?
This was actually supposed to be a spiritual sequel to Ball Vanquisher, the last game I made using the XNA framework. I'm working on a real sequel now at the moment, I'll post some more info about it soon. ^^

Project 2D Playground [PROTOTYPE]

2D Playground gameplay

What is it?
A colorful prototype for testing out some of the new 2D features in the Unity game engine.
I wanted to try out a grapple system and I think I succeeded pretty good.

What was the goal?
Make a simple & fun 2D prototype in a short amount of time in Unity.

Why isn't it a finished game?
Because the goal was to try out some features, not to make a full game.

Anything interesting facts about this game?
All graphics are free, made by KenneyNL.
The coding was all original.

Quiz-Genie [Unfinished]

Title Screen

Image question

Normal question
What is it?
A quiz game with a built-in question maker for up to 4 players.
There are 5 types of rounds the game cycles through to score points.
Players can use all kinds of input: a keyboard, a mouse or a gamepad.

Question Editor
Opening a question in the question editor

What was the goal?
A Buzz-type of game to play with friends.

Why isn't it a finished game?
The questions I put in (9000+) weren't all correct and some were way too difficult.
Also I didn't have time to put in 3D models and animations for everything (players, quiz room).
I was planning on releasing this game when finished for some money, but I guess I could release this as an open source project in the future, so everyone can at least make their own quizzes.

Anything interesting facts about this game?
The game runs on Windows, Mac OSX , linux and Android.
Almost all questions included were taken from online quizzes using a custom made program.
This is also the reason there are so many difficult and wrong questions... *sigh*

This concludes part 1 of my unfinished/prototype post.
I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it!


Monday, June 9, 2014

MACROBALL released!


Hey guys,!
It's been a while but I'm back on this blog!

I'm happy to announce MACROBALL is released on the Google Play Store! :D

Check out the trailer:

Download here:
Full version - DOWNLOAD
Demo version - DOWNLOAD


Saturday, December 7, 2013

CrossBlocks 1.1 BETA!

Hey world,

I've made a post on Reddit asking if people wanted to check out CrossBlocks yesterday, and I got quite a good reaction!
People seemed genuinely interested in my word game, and that's fantastic! :D

To celebrate I'm updating the game to remove all remaining bugs and I plan on polishing it further now I've got some more knowledge since then.

You can look forward to a new and improved version of the game over the next few weeks.

Get it now! Links below: